Monuments and historical buildings in Turin

Palazzo Barolo

Aristocratic mansion built in the seventeenth century by Baroncelli, the Barolo Palace was restored in the mid-eighteenth century and it was one of the most important cultural clubs of the nineteenth century.

Valentino Castle

On the Po river banks you can find the Medieval Village, built for the Turin Expo in 1884. It is a faithful reproduction of buildings and decoration of late Mediaval, where you can experience the atmosphere of 1200, walking between houses, alleys, fountains, craft shops and the beautiful medieval castle with its drawbridge.

The Royal Palace

Great seventeenth-century building (1646-1660), was the residence of the dukes of Savoy, kings of Sardinia and the Kings of Italy until 1865. Not to be missed, it shows signs of intervention of the most significant artists of the period up to Filippo Juvarra . You can also visit the royal apartments, admiring the changing taste of the Savoy sovereigns in the furniture with mixed styles from the seventeenth to the twentieth century.

Cavour Palace

Beautiful Baroque building built in 1729 by G. Plantery. Count Camillo Benso di Cavour was born here. The famous politician and intellectual founded " Il Risorgimento " in 1800 , one of the most important newspapers , which is still active . Recently restored , it is now home to international art exhibitions.